Sunday, 15 May 2016


Thor Kristian Holvila, borned on the island of Hisingen in Gothenburg, Sweden 1969, with both Finnish and Swedish origin. Became, after finishing Schillerska art school in 1989, apprentice to ceramic artist Paula Lindfors in 1994. Opened ceramic studio in 2006 and began working as a bonsai pot maker in 2008. Became a full time bonsai pot maker in 2013.

Thor Holvila

My tree of choice
The scandinavian Pinus and Picea. It is the trees that I have admired always. It lives in apparently nutrient-poor areas. Stands usually where no other tree dare. In the acidic bog, in the wind, on the bare rock face. It adapts its size by assets and has a constant greenness regardless of the season and adds no energy to attract attention to outer beauty. It symbolizes for me the simple man's quest for survival through strength, stubborness and persistence. It exudes true beauty and it is my hero, my ideal.

My thoughts about  bonsai
When I sit down with one of my trees and start thinking about its branches, its roots then I start to disappear into myself. To remove branches, leaves or buds  contributes to the desire for harmony - a gardener in miniature working on a living work of art that will never be finished. I have the feeling that it is I who become "bonsai." The ancient tree actually helps me to grow in the right direction and remove the imbalances in myself that I do not see.

Text and pictures from the author site: here.