Friday, 15 July 2016


Homole Gorge is protected as the nature reserve called “Wąwóz Homole” - reserve of Jan Wiktor memory 1963. Touristic trail described in geological guides; one of most important site for student education. Important locality proposed for the European GEOSITES Network and Pieniny Geopark.
The Homole Gorge is a classic example of a trench morphology, which originated as the result of uprising, cracking and dividing of calcareous plate into blocks and their irregular subsidence in softy, shale substratum. These processes have determined the unique gorge, which is characterised by threshold-like and narrow bottom and by unusual rocky scenery of its fringe. A large landslide dated at the beginning of the Holocene damming the valley and forming a huge block field is another value of this gorge.

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