Sunday, 9 October 2016


Cho Ming-Shun ceramics.
The work of this artist
fascinated me.

Intetactive teapot.

Author description:
Since antiquity, pottery has been a highly "interactive" creative material; cups, bowls, bottles and jars were produced as a result of people's everyday life needs. Wares provide functionality to the user, and this signifies the inevitability of "interaction" between the user and the wares.
The interactive relationship between man and objects bring about transformation in sentiments due to the users' dedication; the development of interaction between arts and the viewers often trigger characteristics of "interest" and "game". Through the revolution of modern aesthetics, the concept of interactivity is introduced into the process of artistic creation, so that artworks are not merely exterior appearances; the presentation of interactivity is one of the more crucial qualities.
As far as I am concerned, pottery creation is not simply about the visible material form; additional and more important values are created during the process of interaction. Let pottery creation return to the original purpose of "use"; during the process of "use", "interaction" is generated, in turn creating "interest" or even turning it into a kind of "game". People will react to wares that "respond" and "interact" with "emotion", so that pottery artwork seem to have a life of its own.

Cho Ming-Shun

Tresure hunt.